Tuesday, March 29, 2016

BOUND FOR PLEASURE series by Ashley Black

V (Victor Trentham), the lead singer for the wildly popular rock band Distortion is a complex man. He values nothing more than his creativity and is willing to go through anything to get the results he wants. He's a perfectionist. He's demanding. He's temperamental. He's the sexiest man Gwen has ever seen. 

Gwen gets hooked up with V because of her graphic design background. She's hired to design Distortions next album which requires them to spend a lot of time together. It doesn't take long for the sparks to fly as their attraction becomes unavoidable. Their connection is explosive, but something about V makes starting a relationship with him difficult. 

V has very specific sexual needs. In order to be satisfied he needs to be humiliated, bound, gagged, controlled. He craves submission and needs a women willing to dominate him. He wants Gwen to be his Dom. She can't deny that she wants V, but she isn't sure she can say the things he wants. Hurt him the way he needs. If she wants a relationship with him she knows she has to try. 

V's needs aren't the only thing making a relationship difficult. Apparently, Raven, V's crazy, ex-wife is determined to take V down. She doesn't care who gets in the way either. Both Gwen and V get in her crosshairs with disastrous results. 

Suspense and mystery surround V and Gwen as they attempt to find their way as a couple. Things are rocky from the get go and everyone around them has an opinion. Gwen's dads don't want her in a relationship with V and neither does one of her best friends, Brendan. Ben, one of V's bandmates wants better for Gwen - meaning he wants her for himself. All of the turmoil wears on Gwen, but she is determined to love V. She is convinced they are meant to be. She just has to make V believe he deserves better than what he expects. She need him to believe his creativity comes from inside with or without the dangerous stunts he pulls. 

Each of these books are fast paced and end with a bang. You'll want to go straight into the next installment as soon as you get to the last page. 

Books 1 - 3 are already available. Book 4 will be released in a couple of months. Check out the links below to order.

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