Saturday, March 26, 2016


You'll definitely want to read the main books from the series before you read this short story collection. 

In this collection of short stories, fans get to meet Father Ballard as he hears the confessions of two of the main players of this amazing series. Father Marcus Stearns (Soren) is the first confession we read. Father Ballad has known Marcus for years and is well aware of his tendencies.  As Marcus confesses about Eleanor and how she is tempting him and determined to enter a sexual relationship with him and how he wants the same thing, Father Ballard gives sound and practical advice. By the time the confession is over, Marcus has a plan of action in place and is glad he unloaded his burden to his trusted friend.

The second confession is from Eleanor. This one had me crying. It revolves around the plot of one of the books that I've had a hard time reading. I've started it, but can't seem to finish it because I'm not happy with the plot turn in it. The issue Eleanor is talking to Father Ballad about is something that killed me, too. Good God, the picture she accidentally finds in Soren's Bible. Tore me up! 

My favorite parts are when Eleanor and Soren are together, so even though this book gives some behind the scenes type info, it isn't one that does anything to move the storyline forward. I was really hoping that these confessions would give some actual accounts of Soren and Eleanor together, but they didn't. So, while the book was interesting, I don't feel it is a must read. 

The last confession in the book is really an interview with the author. I just skimmed it.

Have you read it? If so, what did you think?

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