Thursday, March 10, 2016


Cass and her family have moved to a new town and have joined a new church. Cass was caught in a compromising situation and her parents felt they had to move in order to avoid the embarrassment of facing the members of their old church. Cass is watched like a hawk; her parents wanting to know what she is doing and where she is at all times. There is one thing that Cass likes about her new church - Caleb, the priest's son. (This is a Catholic church and the priest was married and had a son. He became a priest after his wife died.) 

Caleb has his role down pat. He plays the dutiful son and devout Catholic in the eyes of the congregation, but behind closed doors and with certain pretty girls he lets his true self show. Caleb likes sex and takes it where he can get it. He also likes Cass and wants to get to know her, so when Cass' parents approach him for one-on-one Bible study he can't wait to get started. 

Even though Cass attempts to hold back, she eventually can't help herself and enters into a relationship with Caleb. Things eventually come to a head that make Cass take a friend up on the offer of getting away and starting a new life in a new city. Things don't end up the way she hopes though and she is left broken hearted. 

Cass' gets settled and meets someone new. Her life seems to be going just fine....until she meets her new neighbor. Life is about to get more complicated. Does she still want a life with Caleb or does she want to move on with her new life and forget about the heartbreak he caused her?

I can't wait for the sequel.

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