Saturday, March 19, 2016

UNLEASHED by Callie Harper

Declan Hunt has had a tough life. His father left before he was even born and his mother was more concerned with her next drug fix than making sure he had things he needed. He and his mother were never in one place too long. When he mother was put in jail he was sent to the foster care system and bounced from home to home - none very pleasant. After spending time in a juvenile detention center and finally aging out of the foster care system, Declan realized that he wanted more out of life. Working as a ranch hand would end up being the start of his new life and the first step of making his dreams come true.

When he winds up at Harlan Brooks' ranch he's looking for a summer job. What he ends up getting is much more intense and life changing. The first time he see Kara, Harlan's daughter, he is captivated. Her beauty makes it hard for him to focus, but Harlan quickly puts things in perspective when he makes it clear that Kara is off limits. Declan is determined to keep is hands off because he doesn't want anything to mess up his chances for his next job in the fall. He knows Harlan could ruin his future if he wanted to. Staying away from Kara turns out to be extremely hard. Especially when Kara is determined to make Declan hers.

Kara is 18, getting ready to graduate high school, and loves living on her family's ranch. The minute she sees Declan she feels something she's never felt before - a connection like no other. She does everything she can to get his attention, but he maintains a distance from her that is frustrating. Over the course of the summer tension only increases until it finally breaks, but the consequences are great and break both of their hearts. 

After her father's death, the ranch goes into bankruptcy and Kara is left with very few options. So, after six of not seeing him, Kara is forced to go see Declan to ask for help.  Declan has made a big name for himself in the business world in the time he's been gone, but since Kara doesn't even know why Declan disappeared from her life without a word, she doesn't know if he'll be willing to give her the money she needs to keep the ranch. 

Declan has always wanted Kara. He considers her the one that got away and now he realizes that he has a chance to get her right where he wants her. He's willing to help her. He could write a check as soon as she walks through the door, but he wants her. He wants her to submit to him. Declan makes Kara an offer. If she spends one week with him and is willing to do everything he wants he'll give her the money she needs to keep the ranch. It doesn't take very long for Kara to decide. She's always wanted Declan and now she gets the chance. What she doesn't know is if she'll survive leaving at the end of the week. Why did Declan leave in the first place? Does he just want a sexual plaything for the week or does he feel something for her? 

Soon Declan and Kara are deeply involved in a emotional struggle. Neither knowing how the person really feels, but too afraid to bring it up. Will they finally realize they belong together or has too much time passed?

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