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Let me start by saying that IN YOUR DREAMS can stand alone. It is technically part of The Falling Series, but more of a companion. You at least should read THE GIRL I WAS BEFORE (Falling #3) though because you'll meet most of the characters that play major roles in this book.

Casey is a DJ with dreams of mixing music for a record company. In fact, he'd like to own his own record label so he'd have the freedom to do what he wants with is music. 

When a friend shows him a YouTube video of a girl singing a song named for him he's both confused and excited. Confused because he doesn't know why this girl would be singing about him. He doesn't remember her at all. Excited because she has the best voice he's ever heard and he knows he can make her sound even better. The song doesn't make it sound like she likes him very much, but he does everything he can to track her down and attempt to get her to work with him on an official recording of the song she performed.

Murphy Sullivan went to high school with Casey. He never did anything to her and the only reason she used his name in the song was because he just irritated her in a general kind of way. She doesn't like singing in front of people. She has to force herself to perform at Open Mic Night every week and she couldn't believe it when a friend of her's posted a video of her singing on YouTube. Music is her passion. She just doesn't know if she'll ever have the guts to do anything about it.

When Casey finally tracks Murphy down he attempts to convince her to work with him on a recording. He's got an intern position at a record company and got permission to use the studio equipment after hours. Murphy reluctantly agrees. Together they make beautiful music. Casey puts together a plan to get Murphy noticed, but it doesn't turn out like either of them expected. 

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Throughout the course of their working relationship, Casey falls deeply in love with Murphy. For him, the connection is important. The only family he really has is Houston, his best friend, since his father basically disowned him when Casey told him he was going to pursue music instead of following in his father's footsteps. Casey is desperate for a sense of belonging and he thinks he can have that with Murphy. Murphy has a hard time trusting though. It takes a major sacrifice on Casey's part for her to see exactly how much he loves her.

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I've loved all of the books in The Falling Series. I have a real soft spot for Houston (who you meet in Book 3) so I'm glad he plays a fairly large part in this book. I also like Casey. My heart just hurt for him while I read about his family situation.  Casey and Murphy make a great couple. I was completely happy with all the events in the story.

Here is an excerpt:

I pass through the kitchen and front room to the main door, knowing nobody will follow. I close the heavy door behind us and walk with Murphy to my car parked in front of the neighbor’s house, and then I unlock her door and pull it open. She steps in front of me to get inside, her eyes meeting mine by chance, the gray like lightning, like a sign that for once, I did something right, and my heart surges.
My hands act fast, catching her face in my palms as her body turns and I step in so I’m flush against her. My hands slide quickly into her hair, her lip quivers as I stare at it, and my gaze flits to her eyes and back to her waiting mouth. The soft pink like fruit. I hunger to taste it, and my tongue passes over my lips as my eyes roam over her delicate features, so fragile in my hands. My eyelids grow heavy, and my chest seizes—breathing becoming harder by the millisecond, and finally I close my eyes and rest my forehead on hers, our lips almost touching, but not quite.
Not like this. 
In Your Dreams, the Story Behind the Story

1. There is a Biore strip scene that I adore in this book. It was inspired by a very successful Tuesday night Biore strip moment of my own. 

2. Casey’s character came to be because of Calvin Harris and Ryan Lewis—geniuses. Just not your typical rock stars. 

3. The Falling series is set in Oklahoma—Stillwater all the way to Norman—because A: my daddy is from Oklahoma; and B: I went there with the Fiesta Bowl committee once, and fell in love with some of the kindest people in the world. I made up town names for In Your Dreams because I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers for OSU and UofO alums—I understand how deep rivalries work. I’m a Sun Devil.

4. Sometimes I’m really moved by music when I write, and other times, I need complete silence. This book was a mix; when Murphy needed to sing, I busted out my eclectic Spotify playlist. I mention Ratatat in the book—if you don’t know them, you’ll find them on the playlist, too. Find it and all of my playlists here: - be warned, I’m an audiophile nerd and my tastes run the gamut. 

5. There’s a tiny hidden Easter Egg shout-out to the great John Hughes in this book. If you find it, let me know;-)

6. I love the name Murphy and have been dying to use it in a book. It’s never been the right girl for the job until now. 

7. If you remind me on twitter or through an IG message, I’ll post a picture of the place near my house that inspired Casey’s dream studio building. It’s been turned into a distillery in real life, and it’s hella cool.

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