Friday, April 8, 2016

EXPLICIT by Roxy Sloane - REVIEW

Ellie Parker, a fairly new editor at a big publishing house, is given the biggest opportunity of her career. She is assigned to handle the bestselling author Jackson Ford with the release of his latest book. She is both excited and scared to death. Jackson Ford isn't the easiest author to work with and if she can't make him happy and get the book out in time, she could very possibly lose her job.

Ellie is thrilled when the manuscript is delivered and she can start to read Jackson's submission. She is immediately disappointed. Jackson's manuscript is predictable, sexist, and lacking in the intensity of his early novels. In fact, Jackson's work has been going downhill for years now. She has a decision to make, does she let it slide like her predecessor before her or does she be honest with him and tell him what she thinks will help him improve the book? Ellie decides to tell him what she thinks and composes an email telling him what she'd like him to think about changing to help the book. 

Jackson doesn't take her suggestions kindly. He immediately pushes back in the most shocking way possible. In a way that makes her shiver and squirm. Makes her think inappropriate things. After a short time, Jackson seems to take his writing in a different direction, taking Ellie's idea and running with it. The problem is, Jackson has a process that doesn't really give Ellie and the publisher much assurance. He doesn't want to share any of his work with them. Eventually, the publisher has had enough and tells Ellie that if she doesn't come up with some chapters to prove he is working she'll lose her job. Ellie sets off to Jackson's home in order to confront him. She isn't going to lose what she's worked so hard for. However, there happens to be a blizzard blowing in and once she gets to his house, Jackson isn't thrilled she's there, but with the weather the way it is, she can't leave either. 

These few days together set their relationship in a different direction. One that puts Ellie at risk both professionally and emotionally.

A relationship with Jackson isn't easy. He has a huge trust issues and even though he craves her company and her body, he is reluctant to commit to anything. After a major MAJOR misunderstanding, Ellie is left humiliated in front of her colleagues and heartbroken as Jackson refuses to have anything to do with her. At first she has no idea what set him off, but eventually she realizes what happened and is determined to set things right. She is going to fight for the man she loves.

Ellie and Jackson are amazing together. I've loved all of Roxy Sloane's books, but this is one of my favorites. Definitely a sizzling read.


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