Monday, February 1, 2016

What's This About?

I'm an Assistant Professor of Library Science. That means I teach in a Master's program for teachers to become school librarians. My educational experience goes like this:

  • sign language interpreter (elementary school and high school)
  • 5th grade teacher
  • elementary school librarian
  • middle school librarian
This year is my 6th year at the University. I do miss working with the kids on a daily basis, but the opportunity to educator future school librarians definitely eases my sad little heart. 

As part of my job I read mostly children's and young adult literature. However, there are a lot of books I read that definitely don't fit into those categories. So, I created this blog as an outlet for my racy, edgy books.

My posts won't be deep or critical reviews. They'll mostly just highlight the books and have a short statement about why I liked it. My goal is to make this a quick thing because I'm terrible about keeping up with blog posts. I'd rather just move on to the next book instead of stopping to write the post about the one I just finished.

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