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Colt Rayburn loved Aiden Delvin, once. A lifetime ago. Before duty and the Marines took him a world away, chewed him up and spit him out.

Aiden would have waited forever for Colt to come back. But Colt didn’t want that, and he’s rebuilt his life. Without the man he loves.

When Colt comes home from a deployment that went wrong, Aiden is there. Inexplicably back in Green County and impossible to resist. He swore he’d never go back to that place, never destroy Aiden the way he had when he walked away the first time.

But Aiden grew up and changed too, while Colt played war hero.

Both of them know what they want. After all this time. But can a love story that destroyed them once be rebuilt, when life and duty still hangs over them both…

The second in a sexy new series about Green County, and the people who serve there.


Colt is home after a devastating loss in Afghanistan. While he is happy to see his family and be in a familiar place with modern conveniences again, he is sad about the reason. The one person he wasn't prepared to see was Aiden. The boy he loved before the Marines sent him across the world.

Aiden never understood the reason Colt joined the Marines. Colt enlisted without even discussing it with Aiden, leaving him shattered and alone. Staying in Green County was too difficult because reminders of the life he could have had with Colt was around every turn. He's only back because his brother needed him.

When Colt and Aiden see each other at the local bar, things are tense and awkward. They both know that the attraction is still there, though. Colt just doesn't know how to bridge the gap between them and Aiden doesn't know if he wants to open himself up to heartbreak again and holds himself back.

Colt and Aiden's past is revealed through a few flashbacks that give us a good picture of what pushed Colt to join the Marines. Watching Colt open up to Aiden to reveal the truth is hard. Their relationship is so fragile and both he and Aiden are scared. Will Colt return to the Marines, leaving Aiden again? Is Aiden planning to go back to New York to continue his artistic life surrounded by other artists? They'll have to trust each other to move forward.

I don't read many M/M romances and I'm happy to say that this one is amazing! I was sucked into the story immediately and desperately wanted it to work out for Colt and Aiden. Something else I loved about this story is the acceptance that Colt and Aiden receive from family and friends in regards to their relationship. It is a non-issue, which is so needed in literature. This isn't a GLBT story. It is a love story. A second-chance romance. A story about family. The two main characters just happen to be male.

The Green County Series is definitely one you should read. The first one, DIRTY SEXY SECRET was great, too. You can read my review here.

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